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Grey Lynn CCTV

A comprehensive CCTV solution in Grey Lynn.

Our client required a CCTV solution that allowed them to have surveillance of their property.
Since they live in the hub of Grey Lynn, our client had experienced quite a few cases of vandalism to their vehicles, and the outside of their property, when people attended events in the area. Skopik provded a CCTV solution, which included surveillance of their vehicles as well as the outside of their home and other areas around the property.

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Works completed

  • Supply and installation of high quality CAT6 cabling from existing network hub to provisioned camera locations
  • Supply and installation of 2 x Hikvision 5MP IR Turret cameras to provide surveillance of required areas
  • Supply, installation and configuration of Hikvision NVR server for footage storage and management of cameras
  • Installation of Hikvision app on client mobile devices for remote viewing and playback of CCTV footage
  • Training to ensure client is competent with use of equipment