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Imagine being anywhere in the world, but being able to answer and control your front door as if you were at home?
With the help of technology and a good intercom solution you’ll never miss an important delivery again, as well as staying connected and in control. View your front porch, turn on the light, unlock the front door and much more directly from your mobile device.
An intercom is more than just a front door answering system, the possibilities of an intercom solution are endless.

What is an intercom solution?
An intercom system is an electronic communication device that allows two-way communication for
the purpose of transmitting and receiving audio and/or video transmissions

Different intercom options:
• Wireless Intercoms: When there are no opportunities to install wired connections, a wireless system is then installed, which bases its connection through either Bluetooth or WiFi. Such systems include; handheld radios, outdoor wireless callboxes, desktop devices. However, there is a chance that the connection could be interrupted by a neighbour’s connection.
Wired Intercom Systems: A wired system can be installed one of two ways; either using a 2-wire shielded system or Cat-5/6 option. If you are considering including a video system, a wired unit would be the best option for you.
Video Intercoms: These units include a camera, speaker, entrance unit, and an internal monitor unit that can communicate with the entrance unit. As there can be difficulty sending video over airwaves, we would definitely recommend having a hard-wired connection for this type of intercom.
Apartment Intercoms: This type of system has an entrance door unit and then each apartment or flat has either one or multiple units that can speak to the door, and possibly see the visitor, or the door unit rings a landline or cellular telephone number.
When it comes to choosing a system, it is possible for us to include more than one type of system to provide you with the best possible solution

When it comes to choosing a system, it is possible for us to include more than one type of system to provide you with the best possible solution.

What are the possibilities when you install an intercom solution?

• Greet guests and allow them into your home if you are running late.
• Check in on the kids if they’re not answering the phone.
• Communicate with anyone who approaches your front door.
• Monitor and secure your packages, as well as your home.
• Make announcements throughout the house. “Kids, dinner is ready.”
• View your front porch.
• Turn on the lights.
• Unlock and lock the front door.
• Talk to the entire house, with just one touch.
• Receive calls from your front door, gate or even within the house, anywhere in the world.
One of the best solutions to look into would be a Control 4 intercom solution. For more information on
the system watch the below video.