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If you are building or renovating, installing or “pre-wire” as much Data, Security and Audio/Visual Cabling as possible, access is easy through ceilings and walls. This will save you time and money.
With the Internet, Security and Automation becoming such a big part of our everyday lives and with technology becoming smarter and more popular, our homes require more and more devices.
Most of these devices, in one form or another, will need a cable, whether that’s a:

  • Cat6 Cable for Streaming Movies, TV Shows and sports events directly to your TV or streaming capable device (Apple TV)
  • RG6 Coax Cable for SKY or Free to Air TV
  • Fibre Cable for your Fibre to the Home Network
  • Cat6 Cable to CCTV Cameras and Intercoms
  • 4/6 core Cables for Alarm PIR’s, Sirens and Keypads
  • 2/4 core Speaker Cables for Surround and In-Ceiling Speakers

Even Wireless Connections need Data Cabling to the Access Points if you want it to run effectively throughout your entire home

Things to keep in mind.
Use correct cabling:

  • Cat6 for Data (Internet)/CCTV, Intercoms, Wireless Access Points (WAPs)
  • RG6 for Sky TV/Free to Air
  • 2/4 Core Security Cable for any alarm, PIR, siren and keypads
  • 2/4 Core Speaker Cable for Speakers (indoor and out)
  • Treat Jack points like you do electrical outlets – you can never have enough of them
  • Use a trusted and certified installer that will listen but also guide you
  • Do not go overboard and spend tens of thousands of dollars but don’t sell yourselves short as it will cost you in the long run
  • We recommend star wiring configuration for all your cabling
  • Get great As-Built drawings made – so you know where your cabling is for the future

You may not think you will need it or will use it straight away, but whether you are staying in the home or planning to move, it’s an investment to future-proof yourself and assist in any re-sell.


Basic Cat6 Data and RG6 Cabling

Basic Speaker Pre-Wire