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With the ongoing impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, the capability to work remotely has never been more important for both businesses and employees.

Don’t let travel restrictions, social distancing or isolation requirements halt workflow. Skopik can helpwith a range of services and packages for either the office, the home, or both. From audio and videoconferencing solutions for small meeting rooms to large boardrooms, as well as setting up homeoffice networks allowing continuous VPN (Virtual Private Network) connectivity to the office.

Skopik can Scope, Consult, Design and Install the perfect solution for your home and workplace tosuit any budget including, but not limited to:

• Zoom Rooms
• Skype for Business
• Microsoft Teams
• Polycom
• Cisco

In partnership with www.smartspace.co.nz, below are a variety of indicative home and workplace solutions, which Skopik can supply and install. Installs can include 1 or 2 screens/monitors, a webcam, a portable conference mic/speaker, a keyboard & mouse, Windows & Microsoft Office applications, plus desks and chairs.